nameof (C# Reference)

Další skvělá feature C# 6.0, žádné hardcoded řetězce:

using Stuff = Some.Cool.Functionality
class C {
static int Method1 (string x, int y) {}
static int Method1 (string x, string y) {}
int Method2 (int z) {}
string f<T>() => nameof(T);

var c = new C()

nameof(C) -> "C"
nameof(C.Method1) -> "Method1"
nameof(C.Method2) -> "Method2"
nameof(c.Method1) -> "Method1"
nameof(c.Method2) -> "Method2"
nameof(z) -> "z" // inside of Method2 ok, inside Method1 is a compiler error
nameof(Stuff) = "Stuff"
nameof(T) -> "T" // works inside of method but not in attributes on the method
nameof(f) -> "f"
nameof(f<T>) -> syntax error
nameof(f<>) -> syntax error
nameof(Method2()) -> error "This expression does not have a name"




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