Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar

Našel jsem mikro utilitku pro rychlý přehled stavu VPC v Hyper-V serveru pomocí rozšíření do Sidebaru


Ke stažení zde: http://mindre.net/post/Hyper-V-Monitor-Gadget-for-Windows-Sidebar.aspx 

Version history

3.2 (01.07.2008)
 – Fixed a bug with VM Control not using the custom credentials

3.1 (01.07.2008)
 – Added support for custom credentials

3.0 (30.06.2008)
 – Hyper-V Manager installation is now detected automaticly
 – You can now open Hyper-V Manager by clicking on the server name
 – You can now select either Single or Double Click action for links and buttons
 – Added a new feature (WM Control) that allows you to control the VM's
directly in the gadget (Turn Off, Shut Down, Save and Start)
 – Added highlight text to the VM Control buttons (The gadget need to be focused to show them)
 – Fixed a bug if you happened to have two VM's with the same name on the same server
 – Fixed javascript errors

2.3 (24.06.2008)
 – VM's are now sorted alphabetically

2.2 (21.06.2008)
 – Minor changes in the settings dialog

2.1 (21.06.2008)
 – First public version

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